Transport Your Spray Foam Equipment Safely

We build custom spray foam rigs in Brooklyn, NY and Bridgeport, CT

You need a reliable vehicle to transport your spray foam supplies to your destination. Unfortunately, not just any truck will do. Fortunately for you, The Spray Market team can retrofit your trailer or box truck to hold all your equipment. When you contact us, we’ll discuss your project and learn exactly what you need done. We’ll then schedule a time for you to drop off your vehicle so we can get started building your custom rig.

Call now to schedule your spray foam trailer retrofit in Bridgeport, Connecticut or Brooklyn, New York

We’ll tailor our work to meet your needs

The Spray Market provides custom spray foam trailer building services in Brooklyn, NY and Bridgeport, CT. You can trust us to:

  • Insulate your vehicle
  • Set up the equipment
  • Make sure the weight is evenly distributed
  • Organize your supplies to make them easily accessible

Hire us to create your ideal spray foam rig. Visit our Bridgeport, CT or Brooklyn, NY location today to get your custom work vehicle.